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About North East India Info

About North East India

The land where the first rays of the sun kiss the nature at its best. That's none other than Northeast India, which is a wonderland where every attraction leaves you with an expression 'wow'. Northeast India captures the hearts of tourists by offering them attractions such as the Blue Mountains, gorgeous green valleys, mesmerizing rivers, and pristine natural beauty. Rich in diversity and cultural heritage, Northeast India is well known for its hill stations, wildlife, pilgrimages, adventure sports, and cruises. Northeast India is well known for its hill stations, wildlife, pilgrimages, adventure sports, and cruises. Northeast India is the easternmost region of India. Northeast India is commonly called the land of ‘seven sisters’. The region consists of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, and Sikkim.

About North East India Info

North East India Info is about giving you all the necessary information for Travellers and for Students study materials which will help you to understand the region. A region within India barley making any headline in International and National Media. A Paradise Unexplored.

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Hi, I'm Partha Protim Saikia author and founder of this website. A Geographer and Traveler love to explore and do research. I'm native to Northeast India from the state of Assam.
MA in Geography
2nd Rank Holder
PGDGI in Geo-informatics
3rd Rank Holder
Here, I'm sharing with you all the experiences and information of our beloved Northeast India States.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries and follow me on social and do subscribe to us. It inspires us to do more work. Thank You!

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The Purvanchal Range or Eastern Mountain is a sub-mountain range of Himalaya. “ Purvanchal ” as the name itself suggests, it is the eastern frontier region of India is surrounded by Bangladesh in the south-west, Myanmar in the south-east and china in the north-east. Its north-western limit, for a major part, follows the boundaries of Meghalaya-Mikir region, Assam valley and Eastern Himalaya and the plain areas of Tripura and Cachar are the continuations of Surma valley.

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Northeast India located in the extreme northeast corner of the Indian subcontinent with diverse physiography and relief features. In general, the region may be divided into three physiographical regions that are Plateau region, Plain regions and Mountain region. Because of its diversity of physiography the region endowed with rich and varied biophysical environments bounded by hills and mountains on its three sides except a narrow gap in the west.

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Hills and Mountain Ranges of Northeast India have two different geological and physiographical units. In the north-eastern part of the region hills and ranges are part of the Himalaya Mountain. On the other hand, the south-western part of the region's hills and ranges is the production of Peninsular Plateau.

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